Born from a shared passion for music, and a commitment to championing emerging artists, blossoms Rebel Rose. A collaboration between Jay Landman of Pillar Artists and Laura Rosierse of LLIVELY Music has flowered into the rising of North East-based indie music label Rebel Rose. Both individuals have been working in their local music scene for over four years and decided it was time to combine forces and give the North East music scene it’s well deserved boost. 

Jay Landman is well-known for putting on sell-out gigs throughout the United Kingdom and has been influencing friends, family and anyone who wants to hear it with his impeccable taste in indie and alternative music. 

Laura Rosierse has been managing Dutch artists and swam across to live up to her own expectations in the UK and started managing British acts as well while still maintaining her connections with the Netherlands by booking Dutch act in the UK and vice versa.