Introducing: Ten Eighty Trees

Who are your three main musical influencers? 

It’s really hard to whittle in down to just three, but one act that we all loved growing up was Biffy Clyro and I definitely think that their style and sound is audible in our music. That idea of creating rock music with slightly jarring arrangements whilst retaining its pop sensibilities is something that we are really interested in and strive for in our own songs.

Other than that I’d say Sam’s Town by The Killers and The Colour and The Shape by Foo Fighters are both albums that have had a massive impact on how we play and construct our music. We’d sound canny different without them. 

What would you say your biggest musical achievement is so far? 

I’d say either being played on Radio 6 Music by Tom Robinson or supporting We Are Scientists. We are huge fans of both and to receive that kind of validation was really big for us! Obviously we do this because we love it but having acts that we admire show an interest in us is a huge lift and really galvanises us. 

What are your plans for the near future? 

We’re chopping at the bit to get back gigging again. We already have a comeback show planned for Little Buildings in Newcastle 25th June and The Washington for Tramlines in Sheffield 23rd July but we also have a big headline homecoming show planned for later in the year. We can’t say much more just yet but further details will be announced soon. 

Do you have any recent or upcoming releases?

We’ve already dropped two songs this year but we aren’t slowing down just yet! We’ve got loads more to come this year and potentially some surprises arriving as soon as summer! Keep a TenEightyEye on our socials for that… 

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