Introducing: Blue Kubricks

Who are your three main musical influencers?

We as a band all differ quite widely on music musical taste. Me (Jim), I love a small band from Liverpool called The Beatles. ‘Rubber Soul’ is my personal favourite of their back catalogue. Listened to loads of Chili Peppers growing up and Finnish music like Zen Cafe is great. Jesse, Alex and Jacob are all into EDM and techno. Does my nut in all that beeping! Radiohead are also big influences on how to develop and change and grow as musicians and members of a band. Marcus Aurelius says “Change is natures delight” You never drink more than twice in the same bar or step in the same river twice.

What would you say your biggest musical achievement is so far?

Getting signed has been pretty good. Playing O2 Academy Leeds was also pretty good. This next EP for me though is the biggest achievement as all that other stuff is superficial and doesn’t mean anything if you’re not making the best music you can. Creation satiates your existence which is what Aristotle called your Telos, purpose. Living with purpose. That’s the stuff of dreams.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have any recent or upcoming releases?

Just writing better music, having more fulfilling relationships in and outside the band, taking everyday as it comes and all that’s in the Serenity Prayer. Our single ‘Latin’ came out a week ago, you can go check that out on everywhere, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

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