Introducing: Venus Grrrls

Who are your three main musical influencers?
To put it down to just three is a hard one because we have such an eclectic range of influences with there being five of us in the band. We all come from very different musical backgrounds; gaining inspiration from rock, punk, dream pop to dance music. But as a whole, the riot grrrl movement is what brought us together and heavily influenced the birth of Venus. It has influenced us in principle, and encouraged us to celebrate and empower each other instead of succumbing to the patriarchy that’s designed to pit women against each other. Bikini Kill will always be a huge influence of ours, it was playing ‘Rebel Girl’ that brought us all together musically as a band and set the foundations for us sonically. Sister Rosetta Tharpe, is also a massive inspiration to us as without her paving the way for women in rock and roll we, again, wouldn’t be where we are today. The band Dream Wife are also role models to us, we really love how they engage with their fans and create music independently.

What would you say your biggest musical achievement is so far?
Gig wise, I think supporting All Time Low back in February 2020 was massive for us. Especially because as teenagers, a few of our members really looked up to them and used to watch them on MTV Rocks weekly. It was just so wholesome to be able to perform alongside them and meet them in person. We are also really grateful that we have been able to release music during the pandemic and gain the support from a variety of BBC shows and Radio X. The amount of people showing us love during this difficult time is really helping us get through it.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have any recent or upcoming releases? We have just released our new single ‘Goth Girl’ and we will be releasing a music video directed by ourselves and filmed and edited by Declan Creffeild on January the 29th. Before Lockdown 3.0 we were scheduled to be back in the studio this month however this has been pushed back. We WILL be releasing more music later in the year, it will just be pushed back slightly. Hopefully these releases will be built onto a bigger project…

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